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High breathability paints - low environmental impact

Claypaint Earthborn Malta

The most breathable paint, Claypaint has a distinctive, ultra-matt finish thats perfect for interior walls and ceiling's.

Our range of environmentally friendly, water based paints come in a range of finishes to suit your needs. Take a look at the sumptuous choice of colours and look forward to a beautiful, healthier home.


A durable, washable emulsion, designed for busier homes.

Sustainable Paint Malta
Furniture Paint Malta
Eco Chic

Deliciously creamy clay based paint for furniture painting.


An interior wood finish. With an oil and acrylic free formulation, it dries super quick to a silk sheen.

Sustainable Paint Malta

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Meet Earthborn’s family of supporting environmentally friendly decorating products.
Each has been created to work in harmony with Earthborn paints.
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